Thank you for joining the Land and Environmental Justice movement Call!

Hello Grassroots Justice Network members!

Thank you for making our first Land and Environmental Justice movement call a success!

Together we connected with each other and learned about building power between communities. In case you couldn’t catch the whole call, you can find the recordings in English, Spanish, and French. Feel free to listen back to the inspiring songs by Ronnan Reposar and Jason Keck too.

This is only the beginning. We hope this call gave you a sense of how you can connect, act and learn about Land and Environmental Justice within the Grassroots Justice Network.

This space is built by our members. Please tell us what you and your peers most want to see at the next call by answering a few quick questions (available in French and Spanish). Our next movement call will be in September 2023.

In the meantime, here are a few ways to connect, learn, and act together:

  • Sign up to become a member of the Grassroots Justice Network;
  • Make sure you are getting the LEJ newsletter;
  • Join a subgroup (sign-up forms available in English, Spanish, and French);
  • Sign up for a carbon rights learning program; or
  • Share your experience! Use the community forum, share what you’d like to see in the newsletter, or in subgroup conversations.

Thank you once again for your time and participation!

In solidarity,

Rebecca, Marlon, Akhila, Dominique, and the rest of the Grassroots Justice Network team :gjn_logo:


This is a wonderful call and it is great to see so many participants across different regions talking about the strength of coming together as ‘we’ instead of ‘individual’ and building communities power.


Thank you team, I have been playing Ronnan’s Munting Hilling on loop! Excited for more of these energetic calls!


Si razonara la humanidad en general, del daño que le estamos dando a nuestra madre tierra, viviríamos en un ambiente diferente,Por eso todos unidos podemos resguardar pequeños sitios libres de contaminación y explotaciones del subsuelo que tanto daño hacen a nuestra fauna y flora…por eso los felicito miembros ecológicos al preservar algo de nuestras regiones y brindarle a nuestros hijos un mana mejor.