Thank you, Mohammed Aman! 🇰🇪

Please join me in thanking @MohammedAman for his contributions to the Global Legal Empowerment Network as his role as network associate wraps up this week. Going forward, you can continue to reach Mohammed here at @MohammedAman, or ping me if you need his email address. Fellow Kenyans will no doubt be running into him at future meet and greet events in Nairobi!

For any member support requests, please direct your messages to @helpdeskteam or

OK, I’ll go first. I enjoyed working with you, Mohammed, and especially appreciated your able facilitation of webinars and insightful input to team discussions during our regular virtual meetings. I’m going to miss you, my brother, and hope you continue to hang out here with us here in this community you’ve done so much to support. :seedling:

Here’s my favorite photo of Mohammed! He is showing some leadership during @exchange_2018kenya, when a chameleon had invaded the proceedings. I never actually saw any of the photos from that national geographic photo shoot, so if anybody has one to share I’d love to still see it. :slight_smile:

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I’m really going to miss having you in the office, @MohammedAman :slightly_frowning_face:
Please stay in touch!


I have shared many moments with one @MohammedAman that I can’t start naming them. Like the way we went to make suits and the tailor made all my suits with his measurements and I forced him to buy them :joy::joy::joy:. I hate goodbyes and for now I shall just pray for you bro that Allah opens more doors for you and guide you. You shall be missed in the office and be sure I shall be seeing you more :wink:.


Thank you for all your support and insights! You really helped members to engage in the Justice For All campaign and I’m super grateful for that. Wishing you all the success for the future. I’d like to see the suits you ended up with from Mustafa!!

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Thank you for all that you have done for Namati and the greater legal empowerment field, @MohammedAman ! You brought humor and insight to our team; we will always value your contributions. I wish you all the best in your upcoming ventures.

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Thank you for all you have done for the legal empowerment movement both in Kenya and worldwide, Mohammed! We will really miss you but will look forward to staying in touch.


“…as his role as network associate wraps up this week…”

Broh though idk where you are going to, BUT it was unforgettable moments I shared with you especially in capacity building training,Nairobi.May ALLAH reward you for all that hardwork. @MohammedAman