The criminality of fly ash management

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Fly ash, which is the by product of burning coal to create energy in a Thermal Power Plant has been managed very poorly in India. In 1999, the Government came out with a Fly Ash (Utilisation) Notification which envisioned a 100% utilisation of fly ash within a certain time period. Since then, the Notification has been amended several times and many committees have been formed, at the Central and State levels in order to ensure 100% utilisation of fly ash. Despite that, fly ash continues to remain unutilised and is either stored in large ponds or indiscriminately dumped on private lands and farms. In light of that, @manjumenon @kanchikohli and I have analysed how enviro-legal instruments such as the Fly Ash (Utilisation) Notification is an example of how environmental managerialism works in favour of projects and against communities.

The article can be accessed here: The criminality of fly ash management - Gaonconnection | Your Connection with Rural India

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