The Elders' call for greater commitments to achieve Justice For All in new video

Sharing a wonderful new resource that has been launched today by The Elders. In this a short advocacy film the Elders, including Mary Robinson, Ban Ki Moon, Graca Machel, Zeid Raad Al Hussien, Juan Manuel Santos, and Hina Jilani call on all countries to:

  1. Invest in community legal empowerment initiatives;
  2. Increase funding for access to justice for women and survivors of gender based violence;
  3. Prioritise funding for civil justice as well as criminal justice

Please help support this effort by retweeting their video message to leaders. You can also find some suggested tweets below to accompany the film should you wish to share directly from your channels.

Suggested Tweets:

More than 5bn people lack meaningful #AccessToJustice. Watch @TheElders’ Mary Robinson, Graça Machel, Ban Ki-moon, Hina Jilani, @JuanManSantos & @Raad_Zeid call on leaders to make more ambitious commitments to achieve #JusticeForAll at the #HLPF. #HLPF2019

“Injustice on this sweeping scale should shame us all.” –@Raad_Zeid. Watch @TheElders call on leaders to make more ambitious commitments to achieve #JusticeForAll at the #HLPF. #HLPF2019 #AccessToJustice #SDG16

“We need action now.” –@JuanManSantos. Watch @TheElders call on leaders to make more ambitious commitments to achieve #JusticeForAll at the #HLPF. #AccessToJustice #SDG16


I am very impressed with the video. Thanks for sharing


A very powerful message - thanks you Elders! We at Transparency Iinternational (TI) focus on corruption as one of the key causes of denial of justice. We support your call wholeheartedly. Peter Eigen


Wonderful and inspiring! Seeing such luminaries calling for access to justice for all was just a dream not so long ago. Every voice brings us closer to our goal.


Great to have that call and I have posted it in my Twitter and Facebook.




We at the Citizens’ Bureau Liberia, do applaud the elders. We are in the field increasing access to justice it becomes our heartfelt appreciation for the call made. Our mediators are trained to resolve civil and minor disputes in low income communities free of charge, as most people cannot afford the formal justice system for the redress of griviances. Done in collaboration with the formal justice system, mediators are able to resolve conflict refer for community resolution sustainably.

Challenges has been funding to continue supporting our Community Justice Teams in four communities across Liberia following the completion date of the current financial support from the UNDP; and to expand in additional communities!!

The called by the Elders could possibly result to supporting access to Justice in my country and my organization Citizens Bureau for Development and Productivity in Liberia could share in the opportunities for funding to support current and additional mediators.


I have already share the video to my Facebook account


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