The Engine Room technology hotline for civil society organizations

At this year’s leadership course, technology for legal empowerment was a key feature. Many @leadership_course_2018_participants asked about brainstorming together about how best to employ technology, how to design projects (think of the user!), how to collect and handle data, and which tools to use etc. My suggestion for all of you would be to take fullest advantage of the hotline provided by The Engine Room for civil society organizations - see details below and right on the homepage of their website. Scroll down a bit and you can see info on how you can set up a free consultation call.

@tomwalker is an active member of this community and works for the engine room, so you can also reach out to him here via personal message or by posting a reply to this topic. There may also be more of his colleagues lurking here.

I am sure orher members like @mburnett @alexturcan @alixtrot will have opinions and feedback if you ask them for it!

As you figure out your strategy and start working on your technology-powered project, do report back here to let other members know how it goes and also to ask for input. We can be your brain trust, your sounding board, your pilot group even possibly. Take advantage of us! :seedling:

Here’s the link:

From the engine room website:


We help you cut through the hype and successfully adopt new tools that increase your impact. Through the delivery of unique, demand-driven projects, we help our partners build strategic and technical understanding. Book a call to discuss your project with us, or learn about our Matchbox process for special support in Latin America, Southern Africa, and the Balkans region.


Interested. I want to learn and be part.

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