The fight against xenophobia and violence against women in South Africa

Members have been posting this week about recent campaigning in South Africa to protest against xenophobia and violence against women in South Africa. I am going to collect these posts here in this one topic so we can come together here around this critical issue during this critical time.

If you are also involved in actions or hearing about them, please share here! Let your fellow members around the world know what we can do to amplify and support these important efforts. When you reply, introduce yourself and tell us your personal motivation to join in this fight.

Thank you @shadracklawrence and @TebohoM for your posts! I cannot put it better than @AimeeOngeso who so aptly writes:



Welcome back, Shadrack! It’s great to see you here on the forum. Thank you for posting this important alert to the forum. As soon as you get a chance, can you please share the alert as text and not just as an image? That way it will be easier to read and find in keyword searches, and consequently talk about. It also would be helpful if you can tell us some more about yourself and your organization, and the actions you are taking to address this issue, so members can advise you and join your efforts.

I’m sure fellow members would be interested in learning more specifics about the issues you describe in your alert. Can you link us to news reports or publications to explain it in more detail?

Shadrack, thank you for sharing this statement with us and the commitment of the National Council of Community-based Paralegals to help the most vulnerable in this situation. As fellow Africans, we have watched in dismay as the xenophobic attacks have taken place. It is truly regrettable.

Violence against women in our societies can only be described as horrific. I agree with you , that the system places an unfair burden on the victims to look for justice. In most cases, victims opt out because navigating the justice system can not only lead to double trauma it can be costly and time consuming.

It is very encouraging that the National Council of Community- based Paralegals are taking action to promote and protect the dignity of affected persons. We know that the letter and true spirit of South African Constitution is to promote and protect the rights of all law abiding persons within its borders.

I salute the positive efforts undertaken so far that have placed the victims at the centre of your interventions.

Do let us know how we can support this great work that you are doing.

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Good day Tobias , i’ll do that . Thank you

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Thank you very much Aimee , we are doing our best as the advice office sector to assist the foreign nationals as this forms part of the mandate of the community advice offices within the country and we’ll keep you updated on the efforts that the sector is engaging on as we are planning to use the provincial platform to draft provincial strategies on how to deal with issues of femicide, xenophobia and many more social ills that we are faced as Africans and human beings.


On the 14 September 2019 ,Lawyers for human Rights and the Peoples Coalition took a stand against Xenophobia & Femicide. The march was attended by thousands of South Africans and Non nationals who said NO TO XENOPHOBIA and NO IN OUR NAMES.


Lawyers for Human Rights continues to educate communities about rights of Migrants and the effects of Xenophobia.

‘’ Unity is power’’

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What a show of unity and strength! We are together in spirit !


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