The Impact insurgency (Boko Haram) on the IDPs and Host Communities in North Eastern Nigeria

Problem Over the last decade, the impact of the insurgency has been very adverse on many individuals, households and communities and the continuous insurgency has made many Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) remains in host communities, many at IDP Camps and while many others have returned to their communities at different LGAs to meet devastation and faces hardship. This hardship has subjected many boys and girls even women and men to vulnerabilities ranging from sexual molestation and abuses, to psychological, physical as well as financial exploitation such as child labour.

Due to the destruction and distortion to community life and living has also impacted negatively on the possible community safety nets and supports that might have been there or set in support of the vulnerable or the abused; community leaders – male or female, do not necessarily know what to do as a response or as a protective mechanism; institution of governance and law has been considerably weakened and perhaps overburdened and do have the needed tools and mechanism to deal with the present situation.

It is on these underlying factors that i will like to know possible ways on how this can be manage.