The issue around WASH remains of big challenge in hard to reach areas and urban poor

How can we find solutions to make it easier to access safe, clean water and sanitation services for the rural poor in developing countries?


It is a good question but too technical. In developing countries (Sub-Saharan Africa we have mostly selfish political environment in power), we need to put transparent political environment in power with strong social accountability. Failure to this my dear Bikeke, it is difficult to get the answer to your question. This is my thought as person brought up in rural grassroots community.


Hard to reach areas and urban poor. I think we need to handle cases independently though one may lead to achieve the other. Though technical someone thinks, i presuppose that we need to utilize the available resources in communities or these rural poor areas. However, difficult it may be, there is always something to start with. For instance, in Western Uganda, there are many rivers in some districts but you find women carrying jerrycans looking for water in the dry season.

What is the problem here? Planning is a question. At least every individual has a home, even if you rent, there is a roof. Could residents be advised on harvesting water, boreholes are good alternatives for water sources, holes have been dug in some places to catch water, some people have built cement walls to make a tank under the ground so that water can collect there. Definitely, when there is still challenges to access to water, sanitation and hygiene at household level will be compromised and hence hight rates of mortality in society.

Making mass plans is better that works longer instead of making short spanned plans// Qandel Naat //have worked alot to provide safe water in rural areas.