The #JusticeForAll a dream of the lifetime

(Nicodemus Soko Axwessoo Siayi) #1

We are part of the justice defenders and citizens who should keep their promise and to ensure all people have equal access to justice.I am not very much sure how would one from the grassroots justice Minorities and Indigenous defenders can we make justice, not injustic as such.I would put it how it may go;but at this very moment moment;there is NO move towards #JusticeForAll .

(Ashley van Waes) #2

Thanks, @SIAYI ! We are glad you are excited about our global campaign. Have you signed the petition demanding #JusticeForAll yet?

You can sign here: Take Action - Justice For All

(Nicodemus Soko Axwessoo Siayi) #3

I have signed sevel time;and would sign it agai and again.But who suffers.?

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