The Legal Empowerment Network is now the Grassroots Justice Network 🎉

We’re thrilled to announce that the Legal Empowerment Network is now officially the Grassroots Justice Network :exclamation:


The new name highlights our shared dream: making justice a reality for people everywhere - especially for the communities whose grassroots experiences and leadership guide our work.

Network members from every region in the world fed into the renaming process. Together with the Network Advisory Council (NAC), we found a name that honors our continued commitment to legal empowerment, while capturing the essence of our ultimate goal.

It comes down to this: by putting the power of law in the hands of people, we are building a world where the communities most impacted by injustice can defend their rights and take part in the decisions that affect them. This is grassroots justice.

We have a new logo, as well! The colors represent our vibrant and diverse community. The hand-drawn look reflects our hands-on approach. The pattern celebrates the many connections the network creates – knitting a fabric that makes us stronger together.

In the next few months, the Network will launch its new website :technologist: and social media channels :sparkles:to build stronger connections among our community. If you post on your social media about the Network, please use the hashtag #grassrootsjusticenetwork. We’d like to get a buzz going before we go live with our own social media channels.

You will also see:

  • More newsletters & updates on the latest network activities :scroll:
  • New virtual learning opportunities :student:
  • More unique content for and by members :raised_hands:

Our network has come a long way in the last 10 years. As we fought for justice in our communities, we leaned on each other, learned from each other, and combined our voices in support of common causes. For many of us, moving on from the name that we started with might be bittersweet. But rest assured, legal empowerment will always remain a core part of our collective identity. It’s simply part of a larger vision now - one that focuses on the world we want to build, and the people we are building it for.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the new name and fresh look. Let this moment signal the start of a new decade of bold plans and ambitious wins.

In solidarity,



This is a very great job you have done. Thank you for the effort you applied to put these together.

We remain committed to grassroots legal empowerment.

Once again, thank you.


Thank you @LossieKonneh, glad you like this new identity!

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Thanks, @LossieKonneh . This was the outcome of a long process, gathering ideas from many, many members across the network. We are excited to be taking the next step together.

Un granito de arena, para edificar nuevas propuestas y velar por los intereses de nuestros semejantes… congratulations


Gracias @Anfiel1983 ! Juntos, una multitud de granitos de arena puede cambiar la forma de los continentes!

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This is a good development. Thank you for the thoughtfulness about the grassroots