The menace of cult violence in our communities in Nigeria and Africa

I woke up early in the morning to the sound of gun shots, and rushed out to the gates of my house, to see what was going on and was told by my neighbors that another cult clash was going on, it’s not the first time were experiencing this but it’s turning out to be a regular occurrence and people were running for their dear life’s. That morning seven young men lost their lives from each sides of the two cult groups that were fighting for supremacy and a senseless argument. Most people who were caught up in the cross fire had bullet injuries and I had to take one young man to hospital who was on his way home but caught a bullet that pierced his side, the doctors were able to perform a successful surgery yesterday to bring out the bullet from his stomach and save his life. This cult boys operate with impunity and lack of respect for members of their Community’s and neither do they obey the rule of law and the constitution of the country. They are hired thugs for Politician’s who use them to intimidate their opponents during elections and give them protection in case they are arrested by the police. So these young men have become a menace to the society and country at large and if they are not checked, we will soon be running a jungle system of government instead a democratic system of government were law’s are obeyed and the rights of people protected by the constitution of the country.