The Minister in breach: Social distancing in light of the prison population in Zambia

In the wake of the Coronavirus (hereinafter referred to as Covid-19) many States, including Zambia have taken drastic measures to curtail the rapid spread of the disease. At the time of writing there are over 1000 reported case of Covid-19 in 40 African countries; three of these are confirmed and over 400 patients have been quarantined in Zambia. In Italy over 627 deaths were reported in a single day, a figure highlighting the veracity of the virus and the need to put in place serious measures to contain it. Through emergency regulations, Zambia has devised means of preventing the spread of the virus by giving legal effect to the concept known as social distancing. Progressive as it may be, it is not clear how this concept will be implemented in places where overcrowding is inevitable such as prisons. This is an opinion on the possible effects of subsidiary legislation enacted by the Minister of Health to deal with the advent of Covid 19 in relation to prison population.


Thank you for sharing @AKL. You can also follow the discussion below to see what other countries are doing with regards to their prison populations in the COVID 19 crisis.