The power of success story to learn

I want everyone to share their success story. I will share a few for today. Share them there. We Speak on behalf of the poor in Court of law Joseph and Clement were chased by their employer in January 2018, after working for more than 19 years. The decimal was contrary to the labor laws and injustice in the eyes of laws, neither termination benefit nor retirement benefit was given to them. They moved from one to another laws firm to seek legal assistance but they were helpless until their knocked the door to our organization and were assisted to open the case and to litigate the case on October 2018 we won the case in favor of them.

We fight bad customs and cultures that affect a human being Gaudencia Nakuzamwa who lives in Mbogwe district aged 50 years. In September 2017 his husband died and he was buried in the same village, after one month of the burial ceremony. Gaudencia was accused of killing her husband together with his brother. This is due to witchcraft beliefs which has been framed by his brother-inlaw one Christopher Malila and caused the whole village to discriminate her and prohibit her from participating in community activities and even doing her farm work which was the only source of income she depended on, also she was chased from her matrimonial house. She was aggrieved with the mistreatment and decided to report the matter in village executive office, while in the office she was refused help by the village secretary hence seek assistance inward level. After been refused assistance from the village office she went on the ward executive office for help and it’s where she found a paralegal named Roswita. She narrated her accusations scenario to a paralegal. Roswita decides to seek assistance from her fellow paralegal who resides in the same ward one Esther Edward to solve the matter. Through paralegal intervention through Gaudencia’s accusations they were able to solve the issue amicably by calling both parties before the Ibozya village within Mbogwe district, and fortunately the issue was settled amicably after the complainant to seek for apology before ward executive and agreed to pay compensation to Gaudencia, the sum amount of 70000/= which helped her in her farming activities and currently they leave very peacefully with her villagers. Gaudencia Nakuzamwa responsibly gives thanks to the whole Himiza team and paralegals on their numerous assistance which helped her to obtain justice and stated leaving peacefully and currently she has harvested four sacks of maize and beans also she has planted two acres of cassavas. Gaudencia is now the chairperson of umoja wa wanawake Tanzania (UWT) in her village.

We educate the community and leaders to respect human rights Mariam Mayeka leaving in kachwamba ward at Chato district aged 53 years was accused of being witchcraft with one Mwana Lubango, village meeting was held and agreed that she must be chased out of the village and the village chairperson ordered that no one is allowed to go closer to Mariam Mayeka. She left in grief for a maximum time of one year with no interaction with villagers and some of the villagers intimidated of killing her if she won’t leave the village immediately. The reason for the accusations is due to a lot of harvest from agricultural. Fortunately, she heard of paralegals within her area and approached them for legal assistance. Mariam Mayeka went to paralegal’s home Mr. Silas Mashaka and explained before him what is troubling her so she can be assisted legally. Mr. Silas Mashaka(paralegal) called upon a meeting with the village leader so they can settle the issue amicably with Mariam Mayeka, the meeting had great outcomes since the issue was settled with all villagers that discrimination is against the law as each and everyone in the society deserves the equal right. The matter was amicably settled and agreed upon full cooperation with her fellow village members, also currently she is able to participate effectively in village meetings and have the opportunity of airing out her opinion in different issues concerning village development, her agricultural activities are now running so well and she owns a house which she got it due to income from her agricultural activities. Mariam Mayeka responsibly gives thanks to the paralegals on their numerous assistance which helped her to obtain justice.

We fight to protect the interest of the children Happiness Raphael a 20 years girl was impregnated by a school teacher, it happened in 2017 where she was impregnated by a school teacher called Rashidi Magae who teaches at Nyambiti primary school. After being impregnated and the teacher being notified with that pregnancy occasion he refused to be responsible for that pregnancy. So happiness did not tell anyone and she lives with her aunt who also did not notice anything and know anything until the time when Happiness was giving birth and still happiness was rigid in telling who is responsible for that pregnancy. After successfully giving birth to a baby boy, life becomes very hard as in respect of maintaining a child its when he discloses to her aunt over the father of the child. Following disclosure, a father of the child refused to be responsible for maintaining the child a thing which necessitated them to seek legal help. Stella Benjamin a paralegal from Nyamilembe Ward in Chato District, she has a close relationship with Happiness aunt who called a paralegal as to intervene the matter in respect of child maintenance. So Happiness narrates her story to the paralegal and later being escorted to the Ward Executive Officer then later to the Ward committee but through such process, a teacher Rashid Magae continues refusing responsibility of maintaining the child. Hence, through the help of a paralegal, Rashid was sued at Nyamilembe Primary Court and refused also then they transfer the case to the District court in Chato were at first instance Rashid was arrested while proceedings took place. After being arrested and the proceedings continues up to the judgment level where it was decided that at each end of every month Rashidi will be issuing 60,000/= (sixty thousand shillings only) to Happiness as child maintenance where that amount at each end of the month Happiness collects that amount of money at gender desk in Nyamilembe Police Post every end of the month. Happiness she is living to her aunt’s place while doing business and she has managed even to acquire a plot of land in Nyamilembe area and she compliments paralegals work towards the achievement by her being maintained by the father though they are not living together.

We protect and promote women to use the law to inherit properties

Bora Ramadhan a widow aged 47 years old having four children a resident of Nyaswa village at Nyungwa ward in Nyang’hwale District, had an incident which took place after the death of his husband one Philipo Lumbeja who died in September 2017. After the burial ceremony, relatives of the deceased had a general meeting and decides to evict Bora Ramadhan in the premises of the deceased for the reason being they need to distribute deceased properties among them and she is not entitled to any property after the death of her husband.

After the incidence, Bora took her claims to the village chairman who called paralegals in Nyugwa ward who are Musa Faustine and Roza Patrick as to enter vine on the matter by providing legal education in order to reach an amicable solution over the matter. Paralegal took an initiative of calling up a meeting with in-laws of Bora and other relatives as to explain to them on the legal position for distributing deceased properties and explain to them procedures to follow over the matter. Bora inlaws made an agreement to the Village offices as to the ownership of the properties to which she was entitled to after the death of her husband and agreed further that before distributing deceased properties they should follow all legal requirements, hence for the time being it was agreed that Bora should not be evicted on her premises and other properties will remain under her control till other legal procedures could be followed. Bora is now living peaceful with her four children while continuing with agricultural activities as one of her days to day activity.

We promote good government and rule of laws to the community Increased transparent to financial information to local government. On 2017 we conducted education campaigns on how it is important the local government read all the income and how it was spent, as a result, we reached 27 wards and the local government is reading Earning &expenditures example Msasa


These are wonderful stories and have made my Friday afternoon. Thank you so much for your work and for sharing these successes with the network. If you are interested in sharing these with a wider audience, then the Voice of 16 Plus campaign is currently collecting stories from groups around the world working to advance SDG16. If you are able to share what you are doing in a short video there a chance that your work will be showcased at the United Nations upcoming review of SDG 16 taking place in July at the High Level Political Forum. A small number of entrants will also be selected to come to New York to present your work to the UN in person. Many entrants are making short videos on their smart phones of them talking. You can see the website for more information on this opportunity.


Thank you Stacey Cram for sharing with me another useful platform. I hope to submit my videos before the deadline that is 15 May 2019. Thank you


Thank you very much for the legal assistance rendered towards our people who cant access justice. The stories are worth a read. I am very much inspired.


Thanks for sharing @syrus and it is good to hear from you! :sunny:

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