The Webinar Command Center (from Ann K. Emery blog)

The article below was shared elsewhere by @miaschmid - this is super interesting and worth capturing for future reference. There’s more to it then one might realize as a participant, and I for one am super grateful to @ashleyvanwaes who has been our #webinars champion at the Global Legal Empowerment Network. She has mastered the smooth running of these online learning events. :rocket:

Ashley, how does this command center compare to yours? :slight_smile:

FYI - I came across this blog post and thought it might be useful for those of us who host webinars: Glad to know I followed most of her tips during my M&E convening this morning!


Three laptops

Yes. Three. Each laptop serves a unique purpose.

Laptop #1 is for viewing your slides and speaking points through PowerPoint’s presentation mode. We make the images really small and make our speaking points really large.

Laptop #2 is the “live” webinar laptop, which is registered for the webinar in the Presenter role . This laptop gets a special treat, the blue internet cord, to assure the fastest connection possible. We assign one person to advance the slides and another person to monitor the chat box.

Laptop #3 is registered for the webinar in a Participant role . We “watch” the webinar from the participant’s point of view from the corner of our eyes. We’re constantly glancing at this screen to check for technological glitches (blank screens, frozen screens) and slow slide transitions (fluctuating internet connection speeds). Sometimes we notice lag times of 2-3 seconds between slides, so we stop and take a breath as we’re waiting for the new slide to load on Laptop #3.


Pretty much spot on! This picture is missing a @MayaReddy though :slight_smile: