The world's longest banner along the Indian Ocean

Good Evening Tobias. Read and let us know if NAMATI logo can be added to world longest Banner.


Tell us more about the world’s longest banner, and we can decide if we want to be included. :slight_smile:

Thank you once more. We are looking at more than 30 tents. Curved or U shaped. A podium for different speakers, We have partnered with Kenya Red Cross for we are advocating for Blood Donor. We will have a tent for food drop out for Flood Victims whom have been displaced in MSA and KILIFI. Kenya Red Cross will carry the collection, We will have Agriculture ministry exhibition tent and training on organic, and fast food crops, Fisheries department will have a tent too selling and training. We will have a legal aid tent,

We shall also have our entrepreneur s showcasing talents from saloon to local designs, A nutrition tent.

We have partnered with Kenya Association of Doctors who will provide free medical check ups. Eye clinic by Lions will offer free eye treatment, We will plant trees, Art, Short Skits.

The list is endless.

We want to print logos in a 1 Km or above Banner of partnering Organisations with a message to the world at the Shores of Indian Ocean. We will have youths in Kenya flag colours T-shirt hold it as we sing Unity songs and call on our leaders to drop bad Governance and be responsible as they serve

Thanks for all the info, Mary! I moved your message out into this public topic so other network members can see it and be inspired. I had a read through your concept note as well and it looks very interesting indeed. I look forward to seeing your stories and photos from the event!

I also added your organization ONUG to the organization directory on your behalf. You can update it or let me know by PM if you want to add or change anything.