Time and attention: The most needed relevant resources for wealth creation

There are lots of developments issues including policy development and implementation challenges visibly presenting themselves around us today. But in order to shift the paradigm, it requires democratic governance and good leadership to guide and lead us through. Quality leadership provides the space for development experts and academicians the forum for sharing of the most current information about development planning and allows the public to interact with each other in finding collective solution. This will provide the space for time and attention which are most precious that can be used to fight poverty.

Time and attention are the most relevant resources needed in the fight against poverty. Time in this context refers to been able to have a focus on your environment including the kind of governance and leadership style that is practiced; the physical environment and the ability to be able to detect what challenges and opportunities are therein.

Attention in this context is referred to the ability of the society especially the stakeholders-for example in Liberia-the President, the Legislators to identify the needs of the country, put the needs into categories according priorities and design or formulate realistic developmental map ( policies and programs) of the country for implementation. This includes the ability to mobilize the require resources and recognize those who are contributing towards the attainment of the development plan and give them realistic and tangible support.

Individual cannot make themselves successful person without the collective support of the society. According to Maitreesh Ghatak, poverty is a consequence of individuals operating with an unfavourable external environment (Maitreesh Ghatak, December, 2014, Theories of Poverty Traps and Anti-Poverty Policies).

A successful government is responsive and accessible to its citizens. This suggests that democratic governance is pivotal in eradicating poverty and leadership serves as the central pillar in structuring mechanism for wealth creation.

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Viable resources especially for us community based organizations, need to seriously take note.