Time-lapse of Portland Bike Tour 15 March 2019

So on Friday, this happened. Right after the closing of this year’s NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference (I will be sharing notes in the #tech category soon, I promise! :crossed_fingers:) a group of participants went for a guided bike tour of the city. I am sharing this not just because of the cool, very fun time-lapse video of our group exploring the city (I’m the guy in the green :tshirt:) but because the stops on the tour provided fascinating examples of excellent city planning, citizen engagement and activism that I think network members around the world could take inspiration from. I list a few that I could remember below - I may add more as time permits. If you have seen any of these in your community (or would like to) I’d be interested to learn more.

Many thanks go to @alfred from https://www.ourbetterworld.org in Singapore for creating the time-lapse!

1. Peninsula Park Rose Garden. Beautiful, large rose garden managed entirely by volunteers

2. Chip Drop! Free mulch for your garden delivered to your door

3. Goats! :goat: Portland allows livestock in neighborhoods. You can even rent goats to eat your weeds.

Photo source: A Christmas Eve with the goats on Rodney – Urban Adventure League

4. Grow Portland. Nonprofit will help you turn your grass lawn into a food garden for free

5. Pittman Addition HydroPark. “Water Bureau Facility” that is now greenspace, cared for by community members


You captured that really well, Tobias!

I just have one more to add. We made a quick stop at the Pittman Addition HydroPark before we headed up the bridge.

The description from the Portland Water Bureau sums it up pretty well!

Located in the Overlook neighborhood, this open space includes picnic tables and benches made from recycled materials. The site was covered in invasive plants, and community members have planted lots of natives to try to create urban wildlife habitat. There is an active committee of community members and artists working to bring temporary art to the park on a rotating basis.

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YES! I was looking for that one but couldn’t remember the name. Thank you… I have added it to the list. I was so inspired by that park and the idea that a space like that could be made beautiful and loved by the community, rather than just being a blight on the landscape. If you can find a nice picture or blog post about it, feel free to add it to my list. I made it a wiki.

Great to see you here @alfred - glad to welcome you to our community. It was a pleasure spending time with you at the conference last week and I hope your trip home to Singapore was safe and uneventful.

Great video, thanks for the share! I will be waiting for those notes from the NTEN conference since after looking at the program agenda, seems very beneficial and practical.

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