Tip: Let the online editor show you how to create formatted posts

Formatting of posts is handled through markdown, a simple syntax that is legible in its raw form but looks amazing when published.

Markdown takes a little time to learn, but you can use the online editor to learn the basics. Once you have it down it is super easy to use. You can then draft beautifully formatted posts anywhere, even offline in a plain text editor, before logging in to paste it into the editor!

(In a pinch you can write markdown in email replies to discourse topics, but be sure to remove all other formatting first which will not be recognized properly)

Here’s a snapshot of the online editor that appears when you start editing a post. As you can see, you can use the editor to teach yourself markdown syntax to add bullet points, headings, or bolded text. Use the preview to experiment. The text you are writing on the left appears on the right just as it will look when you save your post.

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