Tip: Two easy ways to invite people to join your discussion topics

One of the best things about our discussion platform is that members are not overwhelmed with email about every single new activity - we only get notified or emailed when something happens that is directly relevant to us or that we have an expressed interest in.

This does put the onus on us (and not the platform) to remember to inform each other when we want to hear from someone in particular who we think can make a valuable contribution to a topic or would benefit from reading it.

Here are two easy ways to do it!

###Method 1: Share the link :fa_link:

The best way to invite someone to a topic is to grab the web link (URL) and email it to them:

  • Select the :fa_link: Share a link to this post button below any post to pop up sharing options.
  • Click one of the buttons to share via twitter, facebook, google plus or email

The person (or people!) you invite can then use the link to click through to join the topic directly, and if necessary sign up for a free account in the Global Legal Empowerment Network so they can reply/like the topic.

###Method 2: @MENTION a fellow network member

A more explicit, transparent way to invite people to a topic is to actually mention their username in your post using the @username format. This way everyone reading the topic will know you have asked them to come and join the discussion. When used actively, this really stimulates discussion and community cohesion, since other members can see who is involved and being referred to, and also click on the username to pop up a user card to learn more about the member.

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