Tip: When posting by email, include only text that contributes to discussion

When you email into this discussion platform, remember to only include what you want to have show up in your post. The full history of previous posts is nicely organized in the forum topic and the last few posts will be included in upcoming email notifications to everyone.

So you want to delete any extraneous text that does not contribute to the discussion. Also delete your email signature.

Or, and this is a nifty trick, you can include two dashes at the start of a line and everything below that will be ignored!

It’s a good idea to add the two dashes to your email signature so you don’t have to think about it in future. Different email systems handle this differently. In my gmail settings, this is how I did it:

… and then it shows up like this in my emails. Because of the two dashes at the top, it will not appear in my posts.

(As explained quite nicely on Wikipedia, historically the two dashes are actually required in many email systems to indicate “end of message, signature block starts here”.)