Togolese citizens looking for civic engagement

Togolese citizens are regularly denied the ability to access information on political issues and freely express their opinions online. Our government actively creates barriers to civic engagement and denies their citizens the ability to debate issues and share a plurality of thoughts in digital space. To achieve of the next generation agenda for Sustainable environmental justice will require all hands on deck. It will also require different sectors and actors working together in an integrated manner by pooling financial resources, knowledge and expertise. So what project can assist us:

  1. to establish a platform that will continue to connect users with research and fact-checking on the commitments of political, economic and judiciaries affairs, and other matters with verification via crowd-sourcing from inside Togo, around Africa and the rest of the world – helping users freely access information on campaign promises by authorities and organizations leaders.
  2. to be the first promise-tracking platform for Togo and west-Africa. It will seek to monitor the performance of work on promises made by the Government, political leaders etc; and increase the capacity of the public to hold their government and political leaders accountable by providing accessible and reliable information on the politician’s commitments.