Toolkit for Protecting the Child's Right to Nationality through the CRC

The Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion has developed a Toolkit to assist civil society in engaging the Committee on the Rights of the Child to ensure that States fulfill their obligations under Article 7 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child to promote, respect and fulfill every child’s right to acquire a nationality, and to ensure that no child is stateless.

The toolkit includes sections on understanding the CRC as well as a checklist for identifying issues related to Article 7 and templates for completing a submission.

You can download the entire toolkit as one PDF or explore the 10 sections on their own here.

@Ferghana_lawyers @lore @safialabi @laccnepal @mustafa_mahmoud @makkahyusuf @Cnior Has your organization ever interacted with the Committee on the Rights of the Child to push for progress on citizenship rights? If so, were you able to use data from paralegal projects and other grassroots legal empowerment initiatives in your submission?

Or - for those of you who haven’t engaged with the CRC, does this toolkit inspire new ideas for how you might link community-level legal projects with the UN human rights system?

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