Top Priority of the New Myanmar President

We now have a new president (former lower house speaker) elected recently as the old one resigned. His name is U Win Myint. And the good news is that he has put “land grabbing issues” as one priority. You can view the president’s 3 goals and 10 priorities below. Thanks for the chance to share with you all.


  1. Rule of law and improvement of the socio-economic life of the people,
  2. National Reconciliation and internal peace,
  3. Amending the Constitution which is the foundation for building a Democratic Federal Republic.

Top Priority To Carry Out

  1. It is very important for our peoples, government employees and civil servants to change their dogmatic mindset and habits.
  2. Those government institutions which are lagging behind in the transformation process will need to be put under tight management controls.
  3. The country’s weak judiciary system would need to be strengthened.
  4. More efforts need to be exerted to stamp out corruption.
  5. More efforts need to be exerted to prevent human rights violations.
  6. More efforts need to be exerted to crack down illegal drug trade.
  7. We need to manage public funds properly so that there is no wastage.
  8. Measures need to be taken to return confiscated farmland to farmers and to give compensation to farmers for losses they have suffered in accordance with the law.
  9. We also need to improve the socio-economic life of farmers, improve the lives of workers and ensure that students gain access to higher education.

Thanks for sharing @sungchinpar! Great to read your contributions to the forum. Really appreciate it. For your information, I edited your post a little but for formatting and clarity. I hope you don’t mind.

These seem to be laudable goals and priorities. Do you have a website you can link us to for further research on the goals and priorities of the new president?

Also, I’d love to hear from you and other members in Myanmar about how NGOs in the country are going to be adapting their strategies to support the new president’s goals.

Ah - I found the link for further research myself, using an internet search. Here’s a transcript of the new president’s speech:

I promise that you will see with your own eyes the changes that you have yearned for as I walk along this path together with you: President U Win Myint

Side observation - WOW! :eyes: That is a really big stage, with so much carved wood!

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Dear Tobias,

I just could read your messages as we are having a long intensive meeting with Erin now.

Thanks for editing and asking questions and the link as well. And well noted to include the link in upcoming posts.

I have not idea about other NGOs yet. But for us, his priority completely matches with our strategies for 5 years, but what to do during 2.5 years (president has 2.5 years to serve), I think our team may sit and discuss at some point after April Holiday.

However, it is just the speech, NLD is very good at delivering the best speech. And we will be seeing how could he manage/handle to realize his speech in the midst of powerful military and its associates senior officials in all ministries. Lets see. :smiley:

Many Thanks.




Tobias, you were so impressed by the stage and decorations of our parliaments? You should be inspired by our government’s beautiful words too. :slight_smile: One can say our government has strong commitment to fight corruption, promote rule of law and to achieve national reconciliation. However, considering decades long civil wars and anti-trust among ethnic tribes, we cannot achieve those goals during this term. Just one possibility though. If there are many strong paralegals, we could at least anticipate basic access to justice as an interim solution.