Top Resource Library Downloads of 2015

I am pleased to share the top resource downloads from our resource library in 2015. The first list is made up of non-Namati publications and the second list below it is Namati publications. See anything that looks interesting to you?

Non-Namati Publication Downloads

  1. Community-based Paralegals: A Practitioner’s Guide by Open Society Foundation (not including downloads of the other 6 language versions of this resource!)

  2. Bringing Justice to Health: The Impact of Legal Empowerment Projects on Public Health (which includes its very own resource guide in our library here)

  3. Accessing Justice: Models, Strategies, and Best Practices on Women’s Empowerment by International Development Law Organization

  4. Introduction to Paralegal Programs by Open Society Foundation

  5. Paralegalism and Legal Aid in Indonesia: Enlarging the Shadow of the Law by Ward Berenschot & Taufik Rinaldi

  6. Justice Initiatives: Legal Empowerment by Open Society Justice Initiative (includes an updated version of #5 above and an article by @vivekmaru & @abigailmoy)

  7. Best Practices of Community Legal Advice Programs, Program Assessment and Recommendation by Walter Leitner International Human Rights Clinic, Fordham Law School

  8. A Handbook for Rape and Sexual Violence Cases: Best Practices of Community‐Based Paralegal Programs and Non‐Governmental Organizations also by Walter Leitner International Human Rights Clinic

  9. To Whom Do The People Take Their Issues? The Contribution of Community-Based Paralegals to Access to Justice in South Africa by Jackie Dugard & Katherine Drage in the Justice & Development Working Paper Series

  10. Legal Empowerment Evaluation: An Initial Guide to Issues, Methods and Impact by @stevegolub

Namati Publications

  1. Community Guide to Protecting Community Lands and Resources by Namati & Sustainable Development Institute (@rachaelknight, @marenabrinkhurst, @jaronvogelsang @badara113 )

  2. What do we know about legal empowerment? Mapping the Evidence by @vivekmaru & @lauragoodwin

  3. Closing the Enforcement Gap: Findings of a Community-Led Ground Truthing of Environmental Violations in Mundra, Kutch by our India Team (@manjumenon, @kanchikohli, @meenakshikapoor, @mrhegde)

  4. What is a Community Paralegal? (@lauragoodwin)

  5. Emerging Trends in National Implementation of SDG Goal 16 and Justice Targets by @staceycram

  6. Lessons from the Field: Holding Leaders Accountable in Land Transactions by @badara113 and Chelsea Keyser, Sustainable Development Institute Liberia and Namati’s CLP Team

  7. Protecting Community Lands and Resources: Evidence from Liberia, Mozambique and Uganda [Executive Summary] by @rachaelknight, Judy Adoko, @teresaeilu, @badara113, Alda Salomao, Silas Siakor, Issufo Tankar

  8. Recommendations for Implementation of Pro-Poor Land Policy and Land Law in Myanmar by Landesa & Namati’s Myanmar Team (@timmillar, @Goonnan, @yeyinth)

  9. Lessons from the Field: Responses to Encroachment by @Aling, @jeremyakin, Judy Adoko, @davidarach, Phinehas Kyotasobora, Hilda Makmot, Robert Ojok, Robinson Odur

  10. Legal Empowerment and the Land Rush: Three Struggles by @vivekmaru with contribution from our teams in Mozambique, Sierra Leone and India

Hope you enjoyed, and Thanks to @micahperlin for the data assistance! :slightly_smiling: