Trainer for innovative financing

Dear all,

Main goal of the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia (FOSM), as a part of the Legal Empowerment Shared Framework, is creation and institutionalization of community-based legal empowerment framework through increase of current, different modalities that ensure access to justice for Roma population, sex workers, drug users and other marginalized groups, on local and national level. By the end of 2020, FOSM expects established partnership with representatives of relevant state institutions, local authorities and CSOs, securers of legal and paralegal assistance, who will cooperate to advance the legal empowerment’s financing.

Regarding to this, kindly would like to ask if someone could recommend to us qualified trainer for innovative financing training.

Thank you in advance!

Best regards, Ivona


Hi Ivona! Thanks for posting this request here in the forum. The work you are doing sounds very interesting, and I am glad to see you posting here as part of your participation in the shared framework. I hope you don’t mind but I edited your post to provide links to FOSM and a topic @vivekmaru posted about the shared framework. This will help other members who might want to learn more about you and the shared framework for legal empowerment.

Financing is an important challenge for all of us, and innovative financing can help. But there is no panacea, of course. I don’t know any trainers personally, but hopefully the ‘hive mind’ of our community will turn up someone suitable. Please do keep us posted here.

In the meantime, as you have probably seen there are some interesting topics about innovative financing already here in the #financing category, which you may want to take advantage of in your effort to build capacity of your partners.


Hi Tobias,

Thank you a lot for your prompt response and for the detailed and useful information.

Best, Ivona


Although late, I would add that @GaganSethi did a session on innovative financing at last year’s Legal Empowerment Leadership Course that included a focus on national context and a public/private model that was franchising community justice services in India. It was an inspiring session. Also worth mentioning, in line with the Foreign Policy article @tobiaseigen posted above, the most financially sustainable legal empowerment efforts I have seen have diversified their funding sources with a mixture of donor support, public support where formal recognition is possible, and alternative models such as social enterprise businesses, community legal insurance schemes, community associations pooling funds for support, etc.

Hope that is helpful, and would be interested to hear more about the upcoming training on the topic - please share any useful takeaways. Thanks!


Dear Michael,

Thank you for sharing this more than useful information, appreciate it a lot!

Meanwhile, we have decided to arrange domestic consultant(s) who will deliver first (basic) module for innovative financing for our informal network after which we are planing to organize second module, and definitely will take into consideration your proposal.

Thank you once again!