Translating our forum interface into more languages such as burmese and swahili


(Tobias Eigen) #22

Wonderful! You are very welcome to our community, Irwin. We also have many members in Tanzania who will be glad to welcome you.

Would you mind taking a moment to explain what you have been doing and need help with, and the best way to get involved in translating our interface into swahili? We are talking right now about simply making it possible to choose swahili as the interface language.

Then we use microsoft’s automatic translation service (the globe icon on post menu) to translate from swahili into english and other languages spoken by members, and vice versa.

(Irwin Binamungu) #23

Well i would just like many people to help translate this platform to swahili. the strings are still many and with my schedule, i can’t dedicate as much time as i wish i could to translate the platform. If at least each person translated three strings (assuming there are many Tanzanians and Kenyans in this platform) at a time, we will be able to fully have Swahili translated before June kicks in.

(Tobias Eigen) #24

Thanks, Irwin! That sounds great. I suspect there are people here that want to help but they don’t know how to get started. Would you be willing to guide them?

May I propose a new topic in #technology to…

  • explain the task of translating discourse interface into swahili and what success looks like
  • recruit volunteers who can help with translation
  • provide instructions for volunteers on how to translate
  • answer questions as you move along
  • (maybe: offer to skype with volunteers to show them, or to meet up with tz volunteers)
  • give updates on progress with translation

I can then direct members who likely know swahili to the topic.

(Irwin Binamungu) #25

I have been so busy to visit this platform. Well the translation process is simple, they just have to signup at, a trial account is fine; that is what i have been using. They should navigate to translate link and then choose Swahili in Language(which can be found in the left blue section). As i type this message, the platform has been translated up to 71% and the 29% is remaining. The reviewed section is 14% i think(my focus has been on translating as you can tell).I am more available on whatsapp than skype so a text to +255 757 005 944 will receive a quicker response. They can text at any time. I am nocturnal :slight_smile:

(Tobias Eigen) #26

Hi Irwin! Congratulations on getting so much of the translation work done. I’m sorry we were not able to make a contribution from this community despite my best efforts. I think the main barrier is learning the transifex translation system.

Can you give us an update on your progress? It would be great to get swahili translation working here in this community.

(Tobias Eigen) #27

@irwinbinamungu how far did you get with translating discourse into swahili? Should I look into adding the locale to our forum?

I just got a request to communicate in swahili from a new member @DOMIKI in :tanzania: who also prefers swahili:

Asante sana kukubali ombi langu mungu akubarikini tuendelee kushirikiana my honour to please u to use Swahili language because I don’t know English well.thanks

(Irwin Binamungu) #28

You can add it. It is okay. Sorry for the late reply.

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