Twitter doubles length of tweets -- starting today

For all those who use Twitter professionally (and/or personally) you will soon notice that you are not being warned as often that you are over the allowed character count. the pesky 140 character limit is no more. As of today, Twitter has officially expanded the character limit from 140 to 280.

The purpose of this change is to make it easier for users to quickly get their message and ideas out without having to reduce and refine it to fit the tight character restrictions. The hope is that it will draw more users to the platform who previously found it frustrating.

To all you Twitter users out there, have fun exploring this change! :man_technologist:t6::woman_technologist:t4:

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That is good news especially for me. I used to suffer a lot because I am not good in writing short messages :wink:


I personally am a bit disappointed that they have made this change.

I heard an interesting piece on the radio this morning about it. An expert was talking about how there are two kinds of people using social media - those who write alot and those who mostly read. For those who write, this will be a great change because it is easier (and quicker) to write more than less. Now we no longer need to devote as much time and effort to squeeze our ideas into shorter messages - we can write in full sentences with correct spelling and punctuation. But for those who read, this is not an improvement because it will take us longer to get through our twitter feed every day, because there are more words to read! Meanwhile he says that it will probably not result in more people using twitter.

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Yeah, I am uncertain how I feel about it. In a way, it makes it easier but I have a feeling people may abuse it and fill the space with unnecessary extra words, lots of hashtags and way too many tags. I am interested to see what best practices arise.

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very interesting news

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Thanks for popping in, @agapewo! How do you think this will affect how people use twitter in Uganda?

On the side of the reader it is going to be a challenge as I also fall under the reader category as I rarely tweet. I mostly go on twitter to read.

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I think we are going to find that the best practice remains the shorter the better. Some people will certainly abuse the length, but those using Twitter more strategically will soon learn to keep them short. But time will tell!

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there is an increased possibility to share detailed information on the platform, people who prefer headlines have been given enough opportunity o suggest real time solutions to diverse challenges/


Thanks @Agapewo! Great to hear from you. Trust all is well on your end.

Your point is an interesting one. I can see the benefit of twitter allowing more text per tweet for people who don’t have a blog or website where they post their detailed info in the form of longer text. Or who are on a limited data plan and want to avoid loading up another page to access details. This might be especially useful in rural, internet disconnected areas where people rely on their mobile devices and have been using twitter already for years to give and get information.

The question that I then still have is about how do you know the info is valid? I think it’s helpful to get headlines from twitter (which are easy to glance through) and then click through to the source which might be a website I respect and trust. Then I know whether to share it further or not. Otherwise, unless the source is a verified twitter account, twitter is just letting us spread rumors!

Personally I prefer to use this forum for “long form” discussion with colleagues, like we are doing right now, and relying on twitter to connect with the wider world and to share headlines and links to opportunities and timely information.

But even here in the forum I insist on providing sources, which is really easy to do. Just paste in the link on its own line and it expands into a summary of the content. Videos can be viewed here without even leaving the forum. It’s helpful because it grounds our conversation in reality and makes it real. It also potentially deepens the conversation because others may find additional valuable ideas in the linked content to talk about.

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