Two online projects to increase pro bono participation/engagement

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Just thought I’d throw this out there in case it might be a helpful read for anyone: The Launch: Claud Nelson, Florida Pro Bono Matters, and Legal Aid’s March Madness Equivalent.

I recently spoke with the pro bono director of a bar foundation here in the United States, and he talked about two of their projects, Florida Pro Bono Matters and the Florida Pro Bono Law School Challenge.

Florida Pro Bono Matters is an online catalog of client cases that lawyers can take. It was created to reduce barriers for pro bono lawyers looking to get involved in pro bono work in Florida. Right now, there are more than 400 active cases posted on the website, but that number is always changing. And the website also has a chatbot, which can be used to discover available cases.

The Law School Challenge is a newer project that was inspired by college basketball’s March Madness tournament. In its initial pilot stage from January 7 to May 10 of this year, 310 students from 12 different Florida law schools and 544 lawyers signed up, which ultimately resulted in 306 cases taken.

So, this bar foundation was able to increase the level of interest, participation, and engagement in pro bono through the use of technology and some good marketing strategies. You can find out more by reading the full interview!


Great initiatives, I am very impressed

How cool this initiative But, i have one question about probono matters, what happens if no one lawyers take the case?will it be referral to legal aid or do you have some way to solve that? Thanks for you answer😇

This is laudable and should be encouraged! Great work