Uganda Rwanda conflict: its impact on both the social and economic status on the East African people

The struggle for kingship between president Museveni and Paul Kagame of Rwanda who is the king of East Africa as affected grossly, the East African people who transact among themselves fulfilling the dream of the integration process.

The blame goes to president Kagame’s government for its dishonor to the treaty for the establishment of the East African community and its protocols.

its indeed a shame to the government of Rwanda for starting afresh its citizens who have been studying in Uganda dehumanizing their educational rights. Rwanda should pay our vendors in uganda whose merchandise were spoilt due to their political arrogance and fear.

The KACITA as an organization should petition the East African Court of justice suing both the Attorney of Rwanda and the General Secretary of the community for sabotage of their trade relations with no say from the EAC SUMMIT and so forth.

If not Uganda is prompting to institute a case against Rwanda in the International Court of justice.

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