Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 29-2?

Under the Universal Declaraion Of Human Rights, Article 29-2 states that the righs and freedoms of an individual can be excercised to the point that they don’t encroach someone elses rights. Does this apply to all rights or is it subject to areas such as the free development of personality as mentioned in Article 29-1?

I’m considering making a submission to the UN for a human rights breach resulting from the covid19 pandemic. This article could be relevant.


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Good morning here in Uganda. If i don’t commit a fallacy, allow me to talk about, “don’t encroach someone else’s rights”. I would imagine that these rights must include personal development. So depending on the evidence that can be provided for violation of your right that article applies. My humble submission and understanding.

Thank you Nsengiyumva

Hello @DomonicThomson and welcome to NAMATI :blush:

I’m really interested to hear more about your submission to the UN regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic.

But to respond to your question concerning Article 29 of UDHR, the rights and freedoms of a person should be exercised freely but bearing in mind that an individual is part of a community, a society, a tribe, a country etc. (as specified in Article 29 - 1). Therefore, whatever rights and freedoms a person seeks to exercise should comply with “morality, public order and general welfare” of the community that they live in. That is the specific principle.

The general principle is to make sure those rights and freedoms comply with the standards of the United Nations.

I hope this helps!

Thank you both for your replies. The part I am interested in is this. If a government enforces the rights of one group of citizens and by enforcing those rights they encroach the rights of another group of citizens within the same country, is Article 29-2 breached? Or…for this Article 29 to apply, is this only referring to rights interfering with personal development rather than other forms of rights, like the right of freedom of movement or the right to life…?

I have done a little bit of research and from what I gathered, Article 29 (2) refers to general rights and not just rights interfering with the development of an individual’s personality.

Please find below the following links, and I hope you’ll find them helpful. OHCHR | Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70: 30 Articles on 30 Articles - Article 29.



Rachel, you are an absolute gem. Thank you so much for looking at this. It’s something that’s been on my mi d fir a while. Much appreciated.

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You are most welcome, Domonic!

I’m so glad I could help :blush:

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