Urbanisation at the expense of people- A show of inhumanity that must stop!

How do States continue to urbanise at the expense of people!?

As desirable as beautiful cities are, it is a shame that is fast becoming fashionable for governments in the global south to aim for beautiful cities as opposed to safe cities & livelihoods of real people.

In Lagos Nigeria where the charade is becoming more visible by the day, communities categorised as slums are now a targeted species at the verge of extinction. People wake up daily and their homes are gone! Some receive notices from government to quit the ‘‘slums’’ with no option of a better alternative.

It is sad to see that when the government eventually dislodge these citizens from the rightfully owned lands, the same governments swing into beautification actions and ‘‘make roses out of thorns’’. This is how i know that it is also possible to develop those communities and make then habitable for the people.

Otodogbame community of Lagos state went through the proverbial hell in the hands of the state government! And that is only one of several. Now, the Makoko community, Elegushi community and more of these communities stand are confronted with the same threat, so that monuments can emerge from their soil while they roam and lose the last ray of hope as it dims on them.

Some humane citizens, civil society and advocates have taken up the challenge of amplifying the voices of these peoples and communities in the past. But the question now is ''for how long will consecutive governments continue to act like enemies of their citizens"?

This is both food for thought and a call to action at once!


Same problem people at the Diobu waterfront Community’s are suffering, for the Government came with their bulldozers and demolished 13 Community’s of Elechi 1, Urualla, Ojike, Okwuzu, Abba, Afikpo, Nanka, Akokwa, Egede and Soku Communities in just 3 days over 60 thousand people were rendered homeless and over 20 thousand houses destroyed. We need to take action against this quest to grab land from the Urban poor in the name of developing our city’s

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