Using the community-investor guides to support a community in Kenya develop a useful contract with an investor

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Earlier today I talked to @MwikambaMwambi, Country Coordinator of Natural Resources Alliance of Kenya (KeNRA). He mentioned that a community in Kenya has approached his organization for support to develop a meaningful contract with a potential investor. @MwikambaMwambi knows that Namati and CCSI recently developed two guides. Guide 1; preparing communities in advance and Guide 2; negotiating contracts with investors. He wishes to use the guides as he works with the community.

While we talked, he asked what practical and logistical preparations he needs to be able to take on this task. I thought I should put him in contact with you all considering you played leading roles in the development of the guides. This could provide an opportunity to understand how the guides can be implemented.

Mr. Mwambi please meet Rachael, Sam, and Sonkitah. Feel free to ask them any questions. Likewise, Rachael, Sam, and Sonkitah feel free to engage Mwambi as he embarks on the task to support the community.

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Hi all,

We are happy to report that the Community-Investor Negotiation Guide 1: Preparing in Advance for Potential Investors is now available in Swahili Information on both guides can be accessed on our website page and the Swahili version can directly be accessed here..

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