Vivek Maru TED Talk on Legal Empowerment: How to put the power of law in people's hands

In August 2017, Namati founder and CEO, Vivek Maru, spoke about the need for and promise of legal empowerment on the TEDGlobal stage in Arusha. We are pleased to share the video of Vivek’s TED talk, which is posted on

Vivek made a powerful case for legal empowerment, stating, “If we’re going to make justice a reality for everyone, we need to turn law from an abstraction or a threat into something that every single person can understand, use, and shape.”

This is the essence of the legal empowerment movement, and we encourage you to share this message and the link to the video widely, on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and via email. TED videos are extremely popular; having one on legal empowerment presents our community with an opportunity to bring this important conversation to the general public. If we are to make access to justice for all a reality, we need people to speak up and demand it.


Quite agree with the demand!


Thank you, @vivekmaru, for sharing this powerful story. I have been waiting since last summer for this day to arrive when we can all hear this talk and you did not disappoint! I loved the following words in particular, a call to action that we should all be thinking about in our tumultuous times, no matter where we live and no matter what our circumstances.

Wake up
Don’t be afraid
Fight with paper (not guns)
Maybe not today, maybe not this year, maybe not in 5 years, but find justice.

I also crossposted the above to TED discussion where some interesting comments have been added about this talk. You may want to take a look and answer some questions that people are asking there, many from a US perspective.

Over half a million people have watched this talk and the numbers keep growing - it’s so wonderful to think that a whole new audience will know about legal empowerment and the importance of community paralegals around the world!


Dear Vivek,

Thank you for sharing this. justice must be turned into a reality. This is a check for us all.

Thank you so much


Wow @vivekmaru! Very inspirational! I’m definitely downloading and watching with my wife today!

Thanks a lot. :sunglasses: