Wajir-and covid19 pandemic

Wajir County is a county in the former North Eastern Province of Kenya. Its capital and largest town is Wajir. The county has a population of 781,263 and an area of 55,840.6 km². Since the day the covid19 PANDEMIC spotted in kenya, the government has vouched a total of 912 infected cases. 15 among the above confirmed cases hail from Wajir town.

Wajir town boarders Ethiopia and Somalia of which Ethiopia confirmed 133 cases by May1 and the Latter have confirmed over 500 cases. Owing to this, the Ministry of Health CS Mutahi Kagwe says: “… The danger here is Somalia. It is a worrying case that’s why we have isolated Mandera (Neighboring County)…”

The disservice here is that, once a case is confirmed, it may lead to a haywire situation in Wajir. This is because people that live in Wajir are,somali- a mobile community that mostly keeps cows and camels as a way of living. This makes them to defy the precaution measures either because of insufficient information or out of ignorance! Some of them will sneak from the quarantine centers or even bribe the officers just to do their things in and out of the town becoming susceptible to the virus.

In the world of justice during pandemic, even before the famous covid19 came, justice affairs were janky and laborious in Wajir county.ID exercises were seen after a year for some people due to the fact that it goes in a circle style( it rotates from one place to another)and before it reaches you, you have already finished a year or even years.

Now that people don’t share meals,No shaking hands,No hugs,No congregations, and are Keeping Social distancing – basic behavioral activities have changed in the entire World, what do you think of an activity that requires gatherings and more social interactions just like that of ID? It is a quagmire and beyond imagination! Not only ID, even Birth certificates and passports are included.