We are at an unprecedented place in Saint Lucia

We have a 37 day state of emergency, self quarantine and social distancing all in one, you may go supermarket or the drugstore. This situation is worrying in light of the fact this present administration is petty and vindictive towards persons who have spoken out about limitless corruption and rampant cronyism. They do not have a history of respecting human rights and we worry about marginalized and vulnerable population who were in normal times victimized and excluded. A clause in the SoE states someone can be arrested and jailed for spreading false information about the epidemic which creates fear and panic, but we believe the real reason is to keep everyone afraid and quiet about the gaps in handling this epidemic and the poor economic conditions they have presided over which prevents them from offering help to the 16,000 hospitality workers who have lost their job, the unemployed and vulnerable.


Unfortunately, Saint Lucia is not alone in this. Concerns that measures to contain the virus will be abused is something many countries and justice defenders are struggling with. Another network member, from Kenya, wrote about it too, in this post: Justice trade offs during the Pandemic