We just launched PEACE NOT VIOLENCE campaign in my community today (Edo State Nigeria)

Some good news i will like to share with you all. On Monday, 11 July we launched the Peace not Violence, Vote not fight and Youth for Stop Violence Against Women in Elections, in Edo state Nigeria. This is part of our advocacy in the coming state elections in Edo state Nigeria, with the support of National Democratic Institute and our partners International Federation of Female lawyers FIDA.

The state Commissioner for Justice and other Government ministry and House of Assembly, the National Youth Council of Nigeria were present, Amb. Stephanie Okoreke Ambassador to Stop Violence Against Women was also present.


Thanks, @princeisraelorekha! This is exciting. Thanks for sharing in particular that wonderful photograph of optimistic youth! The other banners you sent were too big (file size) to include, but if you have a website or social media links you can share please do - Iā€™m sure many fellow network members here would be glad to support your campaigns by retweeting and sharing. :rocket:

congratulations , I see FIDA.

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we are working together with FIDA started the training on stop VAWIE and Vote not fight on Saturday,rally on Monday and the launch on Tuesday.