We would Love to Hear your Input _ Network Guidance Commitee

Over the next month, the Legal Empowerment Network will be convening our Network Guidance Committee to refine our strategy and major priorities for the coming years.

The composition of the NGC shall be a combination of regional anchors, thematic anchors, and global ambassadors. It will combine members who will bring to the guidance committee, interests, and concerns of specific regional and thematic groupings of members, and global leaders with a broader global community-wide perspective.

As the network is comprised of a vast and diverse membership, it is important that the network’s coordination mechanism be member-driven and collegial. It is for this reason that we warmly invite you to contribute to the deliberations by submitting your ideas and suggestions in the comment section.

Looking forward to hearing your ideas and recommendations. Together, we will build a stronger community around legal empowerment, learn from each other, and collaborate in ways that will advance justice for all our communities.


As someone new to the Network, could you explain the role and goals of the Network Guidance Committee? This will help me understand what types of ideas and suggestions the committee is looking for and if I have anything helpful to contribute


Hi @jgoldmanSCIJ,

Thanks for asking and welcome once again to the Legal Empowerment Network.

The Network Guidance Committee (NGC) is the main coordination mechanism for the Legal Empowerment Network. It is comprised of regional anchors ( coordinate network members in a given region e.g East Africa) , thematic anchors ( coordinate thematic focused activities e.g Environmental Justice), and global ambassadors ( promote the network in general in regional and global conferences).

Key functions:

  1. Leadership: Setting the strategic direction for the network and taking lead roles in various network initiatives

  2. Coordination: Ensuring the alignment of regional and thematic priorities and facilitating integration of different network initiatives

  3. Guidance: Advising Namati’s Network Team ( my colleagues and I ) on its long-term goals and annual work plans.

I hope this is much clearer?

Would you have any additions/comments/questions regarding the NGC and its role?


Dear Aimee,

My suggestion is perhaps considering having in country forums where members can physically meet with each other , another suggestion would be having quarterly virtual in country meetings for sharing .

Thank you

Leonida Odongo


I think this network i

I am of the same view with Leonida.

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Thanks for your feedback @Leonida I agree that we as network members should meet more often-, to share ideas and get to know each other. Within the COVID context , virtual meetings would be wonderful- who knows we could also make it regional!

I also understand that not all network members may have access to internet , so when it is safe to travel and meet with members- this will be done. Who knows @johnmasuwa, maybe our next meet and greet may be in Zambia!

Yes, we will try and make the ‘meet and greets’ more deliberate and inform network members in good time. In the meantime please have look at some of the meetings we have had with network members in the past 3 years.

Last year we did have a ‘meet and greet’ with network members from Nairobi. You can read about it here: Jambo Nairobi! Network Members Meet and Greet (7 Aug, 2019).

In 2018 we also held 'meet and greet ’ with network members . You can read about it here: Network Members Meet and Greet in Nairobi (16 Oct, 2018)

Lastly , we also managed to hold one for network members in Abuja, Nigeria as part of the National Paralegal Summit in Abuja. You can read about it here: Nigeria, how far? Inches closer to paralegal recognition in Nigeria.

I look forward to meeting with you soon,

Take care


Dear Aimee,

I hope this mail finds you okay.Thank you for the links shared .I will go through them .A good opportunity for meeting you in person would be the first week of November 2020, at our paralegal training.As Haki Nawiri ,we are implementing a pilot project on shrinking civic spaces in institutions of higher learning and work with university students and community members .The focus is on human rights ( we have already done the human rights training this October ) and paralegal training ( the participants will benefit alot from the experiences of Namati) , we are also organising two sessions of student-police dialogues scheduled for November and December 2020.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards



Thanks Aimee, i will be the happiest network member if the Meet and Greet becomes a reality in Zambia you are all welcome. Stay safe


Leading causative factors for human rights abuses in Africa, stem from a corrupted heart and thus would require a complete change of an individual’s heart to prevent one from being corrupted by power or by office of public influence. This calls for the imparting of the most highest value/ethics based universal education to transform human thinking, feelings, actions in line with universal fairness and universal justice.

I appreciate this and think that it is very important that we all play a major role in building together. I appreciate this community so much

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