Webinar: Community Land Rights, Legal Empowerment, and the Power of Citizen-Driven Advocacy

This past July, men and women from eleven indigenous communities across Kenya marched to the Ministry of Lands in Nairobi. Gripping unprocessed forms in their hands, they demanded official registration of their communal lands.

For three years, the legal process by which these communities could register and own their common lands had stalled. But within a day of marching, community members had seized the attention of the media and key government officials. Under scrutiny, the Ministry of Lands promised to process the communities’ applications within four months.

We rarely take the time to celebrate or learn from our victories. On October 14th, as we reflected on the legal empowerment journey of these inspiring communities.

The recording of this resourceful webinar is available at this link:


Our webinar featured a conversation with one of the community leaders who joined the march Francis Meitamei who is also a Paralegal from Kuku B in Kajiado, alongside Felister Manti; a community representative and Paralegal from Lenguruma in Isiolo, as well as insights from the organizations who supported them: Il’laramatak Community Concerns, Indigenous Movement for Peace Advancement and Conflict Transformation (IMPACT), Samburu Women’s Trust, and @namati_clp. They discussed such questions as:

  • What are customary, indigenous land rights and why are they important?
  • How did community members learn how to use the law to begin the process of registering their customary land claims? What did they do?
  • How can legal empowerment equip the people most affected by injustice to advocate for themselves?
  • What comes next? How will these communities build on their interim victory to fully realize their land rights?

By listening to each other’s stories, we gained both knowledge and hope. We shared how communities came to understand Kenya’s Community Land Act, met the requirements of the law, and engaged with government to demand the processing of their applications and the recognition of their land rights.


Hey everyone,

This webinar is on in 30 minutes. There is still time to engage with @jaronvogelsang @davidarach @eileenwakesho from the Community Land Protection Program at Namati, Francis Meitamei and Felister Manti (community representatives and paralegals in Kenya)

In case you haven’t yet, Please sign up please through the link below. I look forward to seeing you all

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I enjoyed with listening the webinar. Thank you. Alexandar


hi there, is is possible to get a recording of the webinar? I missed it unfortunately…

many thanks in advance Leigh

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Yes, indeed! Take a look at the first post in this topic, which has been updated with a summary of the webinar and a link to the recording. We always update the topic after webinars so those who follow later can still benefit. Let us know in a reply here what you think! :seedling:

From @Mwebembezi by email:

Dear Moy

Greetings from Uganda. We shall be grateful if you extend your prog activities to uganda. Thanks.

Abel Mwebembezi

Executive Director

Reach The Youth Uganda

In Country Principal Investigator-Washington University’s International Center for Child Health and Development-ICHAD

On Mon, Oct 7, @iremwa wrote:

Dear Friends,

We celebrate the courageous steps of those of us who stand for the rights of the marginalized, their community land, natural resources like rivers, wells forests e.t.c, their livelihoods entities like the grazing lands, farms, community markets and grassroot industries.


Hello Irene! Thank you so much for your encouraging and celebratory response to our webinar announcement. Messages like this inspire us and motivate us to keep up the struggle. I hope you had a chance to participate in the webinar itself - if not, you can always catch up by watching the recording. I added your response to the forum topic about the webinar - I hope you don’t mind.

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Thanks Tobias for the email. Of course I don’t mind you including my comment on the discussions.

I have been a registered member for the last one year or more. I was involved in land rights campaigns in Kenya especially the Mau forests evictions, the demonstrations on geothermal plants land degradation in Eldoret as well as the Kaya forest protection process at the coast of Kenya.

I am currently working with the Idjwi (pygmie) communities in Congo and the marginalized groups in Central African countries to boost their capacity on disaster resilience and build on grassroot climate justice patterns …


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