Webinar: Community Leadership and Governance in Conservation and Sustainable Development (June 5/June 6)

Indigenous peoples and local communities are among the most important leaders in conservation and sustainable development. Their rights to and relationship with lands and waters, and longstanding knowledge of natural systems and resources, make them critical and inspirational allies for building a healthy and sustainable future. This leadership is evident in a recent study demonstrating that titling indigenous communities protects forests in the Peruvian Amazon.

The Global Legal Empowerment Network and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) teamed up to facilitate a discussion on what it means to support indigenous peoples and local communities in securing rights and exercising good governance in their territories.

This participatory webinar was the first in a series of webinars on Community Leadership in Conservation and Sustainable Development. It featured a presentation from Namati on navigating community power dynamics and drafting by-laws for good governance of community lands; a TNC panel from Melanesia, Hawaii and the Pacific to discuss their work in community partnership and engagement; and a deep-dive group conversation on questions, experiences, challenges and opportunities around community leadership and governance.

Moderated by @rachaelknight , we were also joined by the following presenters from The Nature Conservancy Team: @RobynJames, @BarbaraMasike, @NatePeterson, and @ChadWiggins.

Video recording:

Webinar Notes - Community Leadership in Conservation and Sustainable Development.pdf (262.2 KB)


This is going to be a great webinar! I can’t wait to learn more about local land management, land rights, and community driven conservation in the Pacific.

Tagging folks in the Pacific/Asia region who might be interested in this webinar happening Tuesday next week (your time) - sign up for the webinar today if you haven’t already! :grin: @Oluwaleye @mayee @Brooke @tessvangeelen @wtucker @suereid @ThomasMcCredie @JessM @mariatanesi @sensiaangelita @joaoboavida @AtifChoudhury @Navutua @diahtantri @Frans_Lawy3r @BambangPradityo @yunita @Perhimpunan_Shorea @Iwan @marlonmanuel @andiko @TylerBraun @hjonas16 @cynthiachin @alicedawkins @Yadana @davidabraha @ndelang @namati_myanmar @cpr_team @NaingWin @Taniwharau @BlairPalmer @Tangaroa @gellieakui @uwipng @lpaiyala @bwaikosavepng @jbwaikosavepng @Elsie_Joseph @zeldasoriano @memaderazo @Terou @tamanwillieonesmas

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Thanks to everyone for being on! I am so grateful for the expertise and insight shared by the presenters and participants. It was especially valuable for me to learn about identifying and supporting the members of the community who hold the knowledge, while being sensitive to things like “interview fatigue.” I’d also love to talk more about developing community by-laws and different ways that plays out in different country contexts. Looking forward to continuing this rich discussion together in future online events!


Hi @allison_martin! Thanks for the follow-up, and thanks again for doing this fabulous webinar with us. The network team is excited to collaborate with The Nature Conservancy on initiatives like this which provide opportunities for learning and sharing for network members, and also bring in valued voices from regions of the world that are still a bit underrepresented in the network. It’s not often we get to hop on a video conference with folks in Melanesia, Hawaii and the Pacific!

FYI - I just uploaded a new version of the webinar recording that cuts out the silence at the start while we were waiting for the stragglers to register and join the webinar. In July, we will publish an edited version on youtube and in the resource library.