Webinar | Ending Gender Discrimination

Webinar: Ending Gender Discrimination—Equitable access to land ownership for Young women

Join us on June 9th - 2PM GMT+2

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Ending Gender Discrimination is demand 2 of the Africa Young Women Beijing+25 Manifesto, but also a widespread demand across the African continent, as it remains a prevalent reality. The Introduction of legislative measures that eliminate all forms of discrimination against girls and young women based on their gender, marital status, skin colour, nationality and heritage, or age in order to ensure their human rights and fundamental freedoms is yet to be met.

The webinar will focus more particularly on a sub-demand that has emerged during consultations with young African women on the thematic of ending gender discrimination: The need to for equitable access to land ownership ensuring economic independence and personal empowerment. Young women make a stand against gender-discriminatory laws, customs and practices regulating inheritance and those which impede young women’s fair access to ownership of land and natural resources.

This webinar is co-hosted in collaboration with the Southern Africa Youth Forum. Joined by Gender Equality Advocate, Elsie Masava, Climate Change and Care Regional Advisor, Chikondi Chabvuta as well as producer of ZBC Agribusiness TV Series, and farmer Wadzanai Manyore, the conversation will dive into the legislative fabric of statutory and customary laws favoring male ownership of property and disadvantage women’s rights to own land. The latter continues to challenge equity in access to land while it remains the most fundamental resource to women’s living conditions, economic empowerment and, to some extent, their struggle for dignified livelihoods.

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