Webinar: How can you tip the scales towards #JusticeForAll? Collective campaigning for grassroots justice. (April 5)

Hi. I can’t watch the webinar on that date. Will it be available later?

Hi Melissa! Thank you for your interest. Yes, as always with network webinars we will share the recording and summary of highlights here after the event.

Do register for the event so you’re among the first to be notified when the recording is available, and to submit your questions for the campaign team to cover during the webinar. :seedling:


Will the webinar use French please?

We are very poor in english.

Bonjour, Divine!

Ce webinaire prendra lieu en anglais. Cependant, nous publierons un résumé ici après. Vous pouvez utiliser le bouton de traduction automatique (ressemble à un globe sur le menu) pour traduire le résumé en français.

Faites-nous savoir si vous avez des questions sur le sujet du webinaire que vous aimeriez que l’équipe aborde lors du webinaire.

Nous pouvons organiser des webinaires en français à l’avenir s’il y a suffisamment d’intérêt et de membres francophones pour les diriger.

Bonjour! Nous pouvons avoir des questions bien sûre que oui mais, le fait que nous ne maîtrisons pas l’anglais fait que nous ne puissions pas avoir une idée sur le sujet que vous allez debattre.



Cliquez sur ce lien pour aller sur le forum pour lire l’annonce sur le webinaire, où vous pouvez sélectionner le bouton globe pour le traduire en français. Puis répondez pour ajouter votre question. :sunflower:

Cher Tobias,


Nous sommes très fier de cette campagne et de l’entretien.

Une question nous revient à l’esprit toujours, quelles sont les stratégies développées par le mouvement pour que les oganisations communautaires locales qui peut être ont accès si pas rare mais difficile à l’internet et aux financements aient un accès facile à la campagne, mais aussi aux financement sur l’accès à la justice?

Nous aimerions aussi, avoir des programmes d’entretien et d’échange en Français.


Cette question pourra peut être aider aussi les participants au WEBINAR de bien réflechir sur.

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Thanks i wont be able to attend unfortunately


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Hi @Manche , thank you for writing. No worries! If you register for the webinar, you will receive a link to the recording once it is ready.

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A question received by email - this is the best place to add questions before the webinar and they will be considered. After the webinar we will post the recording here as well so you can catch up on the webinar and then add any follow-up questions or discussion points.

To join the webinar remotely via Internet, follow the link in the email you receive after registering. It will take you straight to the GoToWebinar system we use for hosting webinars.

Thanks for the E-mail, for example am directly talking to you from Nigeria, as you can see the program is scheduled tomorrow through what ways am I going to communicate if I have a question, and I fact I need to listen the program what can I do now direct me pls.

Just received by email:

I cant get access to webinar, am told its closed.

The webinar is starting right now. You can join right now by visiting the following link to complete the registration form. Then look for an email with the details, including a big black button to JOIN WEBINAR. Select that button and the webinar will open up on your device.



I wish to sincerely apologize for not attending to the discussions as my network was down due to heavy rainfall experienced in the area.

Kindly advice on the way forward.


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Thanks for getting in touch, @Rashidkalicha! Keep an eye on this topic for the way forward. We will post the recording of the webinar here once it concludes, and will continue to address questions and posts that are added here by you and other members.

There will be many opportunities to join the JusticeForAll global campaign - check out the newly launched website!

Thanks to everyone was able to make the webinar today - there were some great questions and I look forward to working with you all to achieve #JusticeForAll. We will get the recording up soon for those who weren’t able to get online and encourage you all to check out the website, sign our pledge and take action justiceforall2030.org


When will the recordings from Webinar Week be available to listen again. I missed today’s webinar.

Thank you.


Hi Ayana! Thanks for your interest. Great to see you here, and sorry we missed you at the webinar. It was pretty great! Especially to witness the unveiling of the new global campaign website! Check it out!

We will post the webinar recording as soon as possible - it takes a bit of time to process it and put it online. Usually we get it out within 24 hours. :sunny:

Look for the webinar follow-up email with the link to the recording if you registered, or if not keep an eye on the webinar topic. The webinar topics get a summary text and link to recording within a few days of each webinar.

You can also browse the archive of past webinars via the #webinars tag - many wonderful learning opportunities in there.

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Sorry about that. We were having problems with the network, so we had to use only one computer. I was part of the whole program.


The recording for this webinar is now available! When you get a chance, please watch it and then post your reactions and follow-up questions here. We are looking forward to hearing from everyone!

cc @AyanaMcCalman @Rashidkalicha @Manche @melissamcwhinney

Received by email:

I really missed an important lessons yesterday but am glad you sent a video link which I will watch.


William, Kenya