[Webinar]: How to effectively communicate COVID-19 messages to communities (IDEO)

I thought that this webinar hosted by IDEO looked interesting, it is happening on April 7th at 11AM ET/4PM GMT but a recording will be available. You can also see more on their Communication Inspiration Challenge here.

Webinar & Insights Report: COVID-19 Communication & Behavior Change

COVID-19 has quickly sparked one of the largest behavior change campaigns in history, upon which countless lives depend. To understand which COVID-19 messages are resonating with communities around the world, IDEO launched the COVID-19 Communication Inspiration Challenge, asking people to share their experience with COVID-19 communications thus far. Thousands of people participated from over 80 countries.

With so many around the world working tirelessly to share COVID-19 communications at this time, IDEO is publishing a report with findings from this open call, as well as hosting an open webinar to share and discuss the results with communications leaders from around the world. Webinar panelists include:

• Paul Bennett, Chief Creative Officer, IDEO • Khalid Hashi, Founder and CEO of OGOW EMR • Tracy Johnson, Senior Program Officer, Gates Foundation • Andréa Mallard, Chief Marketing Officer, Pinterest • Jason Rissman, Managing Director, OpenIDEO

Visit the IDEO Communication Inspiration Challenge: https://ideo.in/2UjvowW

Webinar Date & Time: April 7, 8AM PST

To attend the webinar live and/or receive a webinar recording and copy of the report from the IDEO Challenge, please register here