Webinar: Innovative Financing Strategies for Legal Empowerment Organizations

Join +Acumen and OSJI, together with experts from civil society, for a webinar that explores practical and sustainable funding strategies for legal empowerment work.

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Legal empowerment organizations across the world need reliable sources of funding to sustain their important work. In this webinar, you will learn about social enterprise models for legal empowerment organizations. You will gain strategies to begin prototyping and testing new potential sources of earned income for your own work. For guidance and inspiration, you will hear from organizations that recently participated in the +Acumen Legal Empowerment Innovative Financing Accelerator sponsored by the Open Society Justice Initiative.


@AniketHD CEO and Co-Founder of Haqdarshak and Acumen Fellow, India. Haqdarshak is a social enterprise that uses technology to bridge the gap between citizens, the government and private welfare schemes. Haqdarshak is present in 10 states and has reached more than 100,000 citizens as of July 2018. It generates income via transaction fees.

@vesnashapkoski Legal Education and Transparency (LET) Station, Macedonia. LET STATION is an organization that works to improve the economic and personal well-being of people from marginalized communities, especially those who are long-term unemployed and live in social risk. Vesna completed the Acumen accelerator on Innovative Financing for Legal Empowerment. To support LET STATION, Vesna is developing a social enterprise that offers low-cost cleaning and repair services to help owners of residential apartments and business facilities with maintenance while providing employment opportunities to those in need.

@Grace Founder, Masenze Strategic Advisors, South Africa. Masenze Strategic Advisors’ mission is to increase access to fair and just outcomes through education and awareness. They are working to create a chat platform to remove legalese,literacy and language barriers and in turn, increase accessibility, practicality and affordability of legal services. Grace completed the Acumen accelerator on Innovative Financing for Legal Empowerment. She is developing an earned income stream from fees for legal services in the form of micro-payments paid by SMS credits.

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This is really interesting topic and is timely, appropriate and relevant to grassroot rights defenders.

On our part, we self generate funding for works through organizing paid for training workshops for corporate organizations. At the training, we quickly introduce our social responsibility to them and after the training follow up for partnership with them. We encourage them to support and pass through us in doing their corporate social responsibilities.

In another way, we call and ask our able supporters to give us business patronage so we can do it and generate income for sustainability of our work. Some of our rich supporters gives us their properties to manage as agents, some give us printing contracts, while some give us their website designs etc. All is to support us survive since it was/is difficult to most well to do Nigerians to support social causes with financials or money/physical funds.

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Thank you very much for the information, unfortunately I am at work then. Is there a chance to get a recording from the event? Thanks.

Hello everybody. Thank you all for your interest to participate and follow the webinar. Looking forward to share some experiences and lessons learned and discuss any questions you might have. Let’s create some innovative financing strategies together!


Hello Vesna, I am very interested to see how the lawyers in Macedonia are working about promoting the principles of social justice. I worked as a lawyer and a notary in Bulgaria for 20 years and the problems with the corruption there are tremendous. Here, in Canada, I see that the problems are different in the field of the affordability. Unfortunately, I am at work during the webinar but would like to watch a recording if it is possible. Thank you very much for your time.


Hi Alexandar! All network webinars are recorded and the link posted to the webinar topic In the forum as soon as it is available. So keep an eye on this topic!

Tomorrow’s webinar is much anticipated! I will be present myself and look forward to a rewarding, informative event.

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