Webinar July 4th- Child Statelessness

On July 4th, Statelessness Network Asia Pacific will hold its second webinar in a series of interactive capacity-strengthening webinars.

This webinar’s presenters include Stephen Blight of UNICEF’s East Asia and Pacific Regional Office and Nicholas Oakeshott of UNHCR’s Regional Office in Bangkok. The webinar will explore the topic of “Childhood Statelessness”. This will include a discussion of the causes and consequences of childhood statelessness, and potential strategies for addressing childhood statelessness.

CLICK HERE to register for SNAP’s webinar on childhood statelessness (and to receive instructions on how to join the webinar). The webinar is open to both members and non-members of SNAP.

The webinar will be conducted in English and a recording of the webinar will be available on SNAP’s website on 7 July 2017.

A recording of our first webinar on the topic “What is statelessness (and what it is not)” can accessed on SNAP’s website and also here. @DavinaWadley