Webinar: Justice For All: Justice and the OGP (6 June, 2018)

This webinar explores how legal empowerment approaches can foster positive dialogues between government and civil society, and support activists working in closing civic spaces. Participants were provided with practical advice on how to formulate a justice commitment that will help advance their work and learn more about the OGP Summit in July 2018. Panelists and participants were asked to provide ideas for how the Justice For All campaign can support better collaboration to advance justice for all.

Video recording:

Access to justice and legal empowerment are important tools to advance transparency, accountability and citizen participation—essential goals of the Open Government Partnership (OGP). The OGP process, in turn, can help to strengthen access to justice by developing shared commitments to make justice institutions more open, accountable and responsive to all people.

A review of OGP national commitments shows that OGP National Action Plans (NAPs) are increasingly being used to advance judicial transparency, open justice data and combat violence against women. By 2017, more than 10% of all NAP commitments were related to justice, but there is still much more that can be done.

This year, 76 new OGP National Action Plans will be co created by government and civil society. the biggest cohort of new APs since OGP was founded in 2011. The hundreds of new commitments, will be a testimony of the strength of the open government movement across the world. The Justice For All campaign is supporting civil society to use these new OGP NAPs to increase financing and protections for justice defenders.

Learn more about the OGP Summit taking place during July 17-19th, 2018. You can learn more about the summit and apply to attend [here] #ogp @OGP (OGP Global Summit 2018: Tbilisi - Open Government Partnership)

What people are saying about this webinar:

"This webinar was very interesting and helped me to get some more skills on my daily work of human rights defense. Thank you very much and I would like to be informed if an other webinar is organized. "

“The webinar is highly educative”

“The presenters were great and it was really nicely done. Made me jealous not to have the OGP platform in my home country anymore!”

This webinar was moderated by Coco Lammers (@cocolammers), Campaigns and Advocacy Officer for the Global Legal Empowerment Network.


Joe Powell @joepowell
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Open Government Partnership

Peter Chapman @peterchapman
Senior Policy Officer
Open Society Justice Initiative

Sandra Elena @SandraElena
Coordinator, Open Justice Program
Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, Government of Argentina

Marlon Manuel @marlonmanuel
Senior Advisor
Global Legal Empowerment Network


What it takes to effectively influence global level discussions on access to justice?


A deeper sense of the OGP - legal empowerment links.


the specific opportunities for advancing access to justice through OGP processes


I am interested in learning about approaches on how to foster positive approaches between government and civil society


how legal empowerment approaches can foster positive dialogues between government and civil society, and support activists work


I would like to understand more about OGP and justice as concerns legal empowerment


Advocacy and lobbying strategies and ways of engagement with high level government representatives,


I’d like to learn about the upcoming OGP Summit and OGP commitments more generally.


Comments received via registration form on what audience members would like to learn:

Role of Windows of Opportunity to push forward legislation for more transparency. Would be great to cover this by real-world examples.

How people with disabilities may get involved and get justice

Opportunities for active participation in justice for all campaigns.

What role do you think Dispute Resolution Systems, such as mediation should or could play in this reform movement?

I hope to learn about what government officials need to be doing with respect to OGP. As a regulatory agency of government, what role are we exactly supposed to play and how?

I wish learn from others best practices obtainable else where.

more ideas to reduce crime rate in sierra Leone and to build peace among young people within west Africa.

Possibilities on how to legally empower… Hope you will discuss practical steps / things to do.

To learn about initiating dialogue with Government about critical issues. In the countries like Pakistan where laws restricts freedom of expression how law can do justice?

The difference between justice and equality (government perspective). How open government leverage the civic space

Como lograr un acceso a la justicia via parricipacion ciudadana en una realodad tan compleja como mi ñais, Peru.

We are moving more into strategic litigation so just getting others’ experiences


How can we foster positive dialogues between government and civil society, and about OGP summit.

How to engange more in fighting corruption and injustices that is taking place in Kenya

How to participate worldwide for peace in equal terms. I am encouraging Disabled People to star in eradicating poverty world wide. This is to get other people to think about this issue

How justice sector reform can be fast track through OGP

how are groups using legal empowerment to defend civic space? are they using legal empowerment to challenge regressive NGO laws?

It will be a real possibility to obtain necessary information and news

We work for the justice reforms in Guatemala

Practical advice on how the Justice For All campaign can support better collaboration to advance justice for all


Thank you @ashleyvanwaes, I have been registered for the webinar.

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Great, we will see you soon @BYAMALONG!

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don’t worry @ashleyvanwaes, I am trying to connect but not yet.

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Received by email:

I am very happy for your correspondence and the opportunity mentioned in it. I am interested in all those opportunities as A human Rights Activist and peace Builder.

I registered to attend OGP Summit 2018 in Tbilisi, Georgia this July but according to the message I have seen during my registration for the travel support the deadline was on April but I am really interested to attend it and I do not have any other source of funding, is there any way you can help me to get travel support?

Thank for your understanding and I look forward to hearing from you soon

I’ll add a response here for the benefit of all members who are interested in attending OGP Summit 2018.

This is a commonly asked question. It’s important for members to note that Namati and the Global Legal Empowerment Network cannot sponsor or cover travel for members seeking to attend events that are announced through the forum by other organizations.

We try to make sure members and partners post opportunities like this on the forum as soon as they are announced, so members have ample time to apply and also apply for any sponsorship and travel funds. We’re not always successful at this and I’m very sorry it didn’t work out for you this time!

And finally, we count on our members and partners to connect you all with events they organize so you can get involved remotely as much as possible and take advantage of any learnings, outcomes, and opportunities that emerge from them.

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Thanks @tobiaseigen for your response but I would like to know is if you know other sources of funding to support people who are willing to attend international event such as Training, conference on Human Rights.

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