[Webinar] Legal Identity and Citizenship Rights: Lessons from Practitioners in Asia, Africa and Europe

In October 2018, the Global Legal Empowerment Network organized its first learning exchange focused on Citizenship Rights.

On Thursday, March 21, three participants of that exchange hosted a webinar that looked at the practical lessons observed during the exchange in Kenya and best practices they shared. Citizenship practitioners @maaliniramalo of Development of Human Resources in Rural Areas (DHRRA), Malaysia @scira Right to Protection in Ukraine and @Maryama of Haki na Sheria Initiative in Kenya discussed observations and insights from the exchange and how these went ahead to impact their work with communities and citizenship groups.

Here’s the link to the webinar recording


Participants of the 2018 Citizenship Learning Exchange in Kenya

Learnings on the webinar were based on a number of resource materials including:

The webinar drew from lessons discussed throughout the exchange which are applicable to citizenship, nationality and statelessness work across Africa, Asia and Europe, and they shared some of those insights with colleagues working on these important issues globally.


I just want to know have tried searching but only to ask has legal empowerment network ever monitored or carried out a gathering in uganda

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Wonderful!!! I hope to be part for the next exchange program

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