[Webinar] Practical tips on using technology for legal empowerment: experiences from around the world

Technology can help people pursue justice. It can also be a source of injustice.

On May 7th 2019, we held an ultra-practical webinar about how our movement can harness the power of tech and dodge the pitfalls.

You can view the slides by downloading this attachment Technology Webinar slides (2.8 MB)

The Engine Room and Open Society Justice Initiative studied 136 projects that use technology for legal empowerment. At the webinar, @paola Paola Verheart, Laura Guzmán and @mburnett Matthew Burnett shared what they had learned.

You can read their latest report on how legal empowerment actors worldwide are using technology to give people information about the law, connect them with legal advice, and provide them with legal services:

Special guest @Nelson_Olanipekun of Gavel reflected on the work of Justice Clock, which tracks how long individuals in Nigeria have spent in pre-trial detention. Olanipekun will share how that technology has improved the pace of justice delivery in the country.

We heard about the eight most common ways technology is used to deliver legal information and services – from websites to SMS to chat bots – and how to choose the right format for a specific need.

We also learned design principles that can help ensure technology ends up being useful rather than distracting – from presenting legal and technical information in clear, accessible language to the importance of in-depth user research.

Below are copied some of the remaining questions from participants that were not answered during the webinar. Let’s continue the discussion online!

Our movement is working every day to help people pursue remedies to injustice. When used strategically, technology can give these efforts wings.


I am so excited to learn the practical tools of using technology for legal empowerment because our approach at the moment has some impacts but not drastically. And our outreach is still limited. I believe, through modern technology, we can reach out to communities in inaccessible areas. However, I still worry it may create other challenges if we use most sophisticated techniques. I am quite sure that discussants in this webinar would enlighten me to pull together and make a bold move.


Here are some of the remaining questions from participants that were not answered during the webinar. Let’s continue the discussion online!

  • Chiranjib Chatterjee- I am from India, so as different country has different law and order and penal code. So, how this Global Legal Empowerment Network will help us to help the people ?
  • @cartermc McCall Carter- Did you find any innovative uses of technology to increase access to justice in countries where mobile phone networks and internet were unreliable and undeveloped?
  • Erdenechileg Dashdorj- For online based legal advice, the role of the lawyers is important. So how you keep lawyers involving thi kind of work?
  • Marisol Victorioso What difficulties have you encountered when using technology in empowering communities?
  • Jay Tocol, ABA ROLI: Are there models that are more replicable than others? If so, what makes these models more replicable and in what contexts?
  • Zunetta Herbert: With social media usage - do you have any advice to move people from Facebook (which is the most used, but hard to make useful - searches; keeping files; ensuring you are reaching the right people at the right time) work more smoothly? The report is really useful - especially the long list and links to apps. I don’t see many apps that focus on court monitoring - are there some you know of that can be adapted?

Greetings! Is it possible to get the presentations (slides) of the webinar via e-mail.

Due to relatively high data and internet costs in Zimbabwe, I am unable to follow the webinar live or the recorded messages.



Good question! Thanks for bringing this up Paul. I’ve added the slides attachment to the post above. You can download them and view. Technology Webinar slides (2.8 MB)


Many thanks Maddy! I have downloaded the attachment

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