Webinar: Report on CZMAs and Coastal Environments (July 2015)

On Wednesday, 22 July at 15:00 GMT a group of members and Namati staff met for an informal webinar to learn about the Global Legal Empowerment Network, get to know each other and start conversations, and explore the powerful interactive features of the online platform that brings us together.

Follow this link to access the recording of this event:


Featured Presentation: The performance of regulatory institutions set up for coastal governance in India - Findings and lessons from a recent study

Coastal Zone Management Authorities are the primary institution set up for coastal governance in India. Set up following a Supreme Court order in 1996 on a case regarding coastal degradation, these bodies have been actively reshaping the coast through their decisions to locate ports, industry and housing along the coastline. This study is the first attempt to document the practice of coastal governance by CZMAs, their performance and the challenges they face. The findings of the study would be useful not only to coastal communities and coastal area managers/officers but to environmental policy makers, regulators, environmental activists and students.

Presenter: @meenakshikapoor, Program Manager, CPR-Namati Environment Justice Program, India.

Welcome New Members to the Network!

We are so pleased to welcome the newest arrivals in the Network. We hope to see many of you at the webinar on the 22nd!

Have a click around on the names below to take a tour of the world! You can then click through to message them to say hello.

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