[Webinar series] Women in Identity - Digital ID, Tech, & COVID-related sessions

Women in Identity is kicking off a webinar series that covers a range of topics related to digital identity, technology, and inclusion as well as some on the adjustments we are all currently making during COVID-19.

The webinars begin this week and will run through August. Below are the list of topics and you can get more details on each session here.

Two of the sessions are particularly relevant to legal empowerment practitioners working on inclusive access to documentation/digital ID and/or citizenship rights:

May 28th: Designing for Diversity across the Identity Ecosystem

Digital identity systems should improve every citizen’s interaction with the state. But they’re not always designed with the needs of every citizen in mind. In this webinar Savita Bailur and Emrys Schoemaker from Caribou Digital will share what their recent research in the field of identity reveals about the gaps and opportunities for product designers.

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June 12th: Biometrics, privacy and exclusion

Biometric registration programs raise many concerns relating to surveillance and privacy. But what about the human impact of e.g. exclusion of minority groups and those who are stuck in legal limbo (e.g. awaiting citizenship or caught up in refugee systems)? In this webinar, Dr Keren Weitzberg , University College London and Emma Lindley , MD of AiiD Global (and Co-Founder of Women in Identity!) discuss current research – and the steps needed to actively include all people in ID systems.

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If you attend any of the sessions, please do share thoughts, reflections, or reactions here!

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