Webinar: Six questions to ask when using tech to improve access to justice


(Nicodemus Soko Axwessoo Siayi) #25

To learn about how technology is being used to support legal empowerment, and when deciding how to use it i

(Tankiso Motipi) #26

How to use technology to interact with clients and understand their needs

(Foluke Dada) #27

Use of Technology in Gender Advocacy

(Benson Wesamba) #28

The use of technology in project management.

(Marian Amissah-Ocran) #29

I am very interested in learning how technology is used to design or develop interventions to promote women’s property rights.

(Eduardo Malo) #30

Novas tecnologias de informacao que podem ajudar a fortalecer o empoderamento dos clientes Individuais

(Christina Dilbone) #31

How has technology bolstered our ability to improve legal empowerment and access to legal counsel?

(Martha de la Roche) #32

How to identify where technology might provide solutions or help overcome barriers. What top tips to feed back to our network.

(Lariza Romero Fonseca) #33

How to better use technology when implementing projects and how to support youth-led organizations to use it effectively.

(Sylvie Nicole) #34

I would like to have a comparative overview of technologic and digital tools used to improve people’s access to justice

(Jami Hubbard Solli) #35

how tech can be utilized to protect financial consumers and afford debt relief

(Eluckiaa A) #36

About the use of technology in access to justice

(Mulindwa Benjamin) #37

Strategies for strengthening community human rights advocacy campaigns

(Brian Onyiego) #38

What to think about when starting a project? How to know whether people really want what you’re creating?

(Rebecca Gang) #39

best practices in bringing tech to A2J

(Kristen Hope) #40

Particular focus on ethical elements of digital participation

(Ramadhan Masele) #41

How Technology can be used as tool for increasing A2J

(Tom Walker) #42

Thanks for all these great questions, everyone (@syrus @SandisiweElaine @Mick @JeanneO @smccoubrey @ErnestKolubah @Niacosta @Aggrealuso @julien @Niraah @AndrewExavery @Zmassallay @gtizio @Nkanfiegue @jgkaufman @SIAYI @Tankiso @folukedada @BensonWesamba @marianocran @cdilbone @Lariza @viou @Elu @RamadhanM -)

  • looking forward to talking more about them next Wednesday!

I’m hearing that people are interested in a range of examples on how technology is being used in access to justice work, and we’ll definitely try to cover that in the webinar. Hopefully, we’ll be able to make it useful by covering some common questions to think about when designing and using tech projects, too.

One question for you now: What projects that have effectively used technology to increase access to justice can you think of?

(Eluckiaa A) #43

I have never taken the help of technology till now and that is the reason why I’m interested in this webinar.

(Tankiso Motipi) #44

In my area it seems not very visible as we work with all communities including rural communities, that is why I want to join the discussion and learn how others are doing it to de centralize their services.

How likely are you to recommend the Global Legal Empowerment Network?

Thank you. What can we do better?

Thank you. What can be improved?

Fabulous! What do you like most?

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